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    Our Mission statement
    Virtosu Art Gallery’s mission is to inspire people
    to discover beauty in unusual places and provide an extraordinary space
    for a diverse audience to be educated, challenged, and amazed
    by the unfolding patterns of modern art.

The spirit of modern art themes Art with social message
The spirit of art prevail not only in the artists' workshop, art gallery or museum, but is also to pervade every other human interest and enterprise. The message of art to society is contained in the words artistic and aesthetic. High quality abstract art has a deep appeal if done right.


interior design art
'A visionary artist and thinker.'


More than precious V Art

Art, the expression of the ineffable, a capture of that which escapes language, transports in a material articulation what is most dear to the human heart, the poetry within ourselves.

V Art is, in other words, a brand dedicated to human freedom in all its forms of manifestation. George Vîrtosu, the artist, is a master of both worlds, linguistic and pictorial, and his work has been dedicated to freeing the potential of every life he encounters along the way.

high quality abstract art
Sensational abstract paintings Exclusive Art Gallery
While abstract art may seem like a step away from reality as well as some people's comfort zone, the fact is it becomes today more popular than ever. Its buauty is one reason why art lovers and collectors are purchasing this art for themselves and their clients.

Abstract art seeks to deeply move the viewer by allowing them to make their own connection to the piece, something that can be challenging at first. But as you open your mind and your heart to this art-form, you will find that it connects you to new ways of seeing the world around us.

The art pieces become profoundly personal to the owner, often reflecting his or her own view of the world as well as the painter's. Exploring our art collections, we'd like to think we are connecting you with the eternal “elegance” of a traditional masterpiece.
'A revelation.'

The Guardian

A true Virtosu signature Abstract art Interior design

Galleries and interior designers looking for luxurious pieces to showcase or purchase for clients will find rare works for the most sophisticated clients. Our clients add the pieces to their home, yacht, airplane, office, or to a company specific architecture, whether modern or traditional.

Referred to nonrepresentational, the artwork has more than a message to convey. It also complements a minimalist lifestyle. Whether you or your client has a modern home or something more rustic, featuring exceptional quality art creates a focal point amidst the most luxourious interiors. It unites a room with color, shape, texture, and form and creates balance and harmony.

Virtosu Art Gallery features interior design art of unique individuality and character that speaks to any generations of collectors, gallery managers, interior decorators, and art lovers alike.
art with social message
online web art gallery

Unique art styles. Best in class. Web Gallery of Art

Welcome to our catalog website. Web Gallery of Art with searchable abstract art images. Explore or discover the pieces you like. Virtosu Art Gallery is a virtual museum and searchable database of world abstract grand masters.

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The abstract art marketplace. Buy wall art, original paintings, sculptures, limited edition prints and gifts directly from best artists of the 21st century.

art with social message


There are countless causes worthy of action, and by allocating 3% of the sale price of each sold item, we support the following NGO’s:

Americares saves lives and improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster so they can reach their full potential.

Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Al Thani Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) is one of the Qatari civil society organizations specialized in humanitarian work specifically in relief and development fields nationally and globally. RAF has a clear, noble humanitarian vision and mission that does not discriminate on the basis of race, cultures or countries.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization working to empower people in the world’s most impoverished communities to overcome the chronic lack of decent housing.

Qatar Foundation (QF) is a nonprofit organization made up of more than 50 entities working in education, research, and community development. The most pressing challenges, create global opportunities and empower people to shape the present and future.

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